Tuesday, May 15, 2012


- Toshiba released results of survey on office stress: o 40% cite malfunctioning technology as their number one office complaint (such as laptop that freezes, print that refuses to print, etc.) o 62% find office work stressful o 52% believe that dealing with malfunctioning technology takes away from other work responsibilities o 25% say they missed deadline due to technology failure o 57% believe that boss would accept a technology failure as a legitimate excuse for missed deadline o Tablet PC user are the least likely to “cut the cord” after work hours, and most likely to be stressed ********************************************************************************** - According to survey conducted by Lyra Research, last year MFPs captured 63% of the print volume in the office environment, with the remaining 37% of the volume produced on print-only devices. ********************************************************************************** - According to Gizmodo magazine, HP is putting in less ink into their inkjet cartridges. Apparently, one of its reporters took three cartridges, dated 2010, 2011 and 2012, hacksawed each one open, and the hydrophobic ink sponges inside are significantly smaller in the 2012 version as compared to previous years, even though the exterior of the cartridges are the same size. ********************************************************************************** - Panasonic reported a $5.49 billion fiscal fourth quarter loss. ********************************************************************************** - Sharp announced it is replacing its U.S. CEO, Kozo Takahashi, with Toshiyuki Osawa. Mr. Osawa previously was in charge of operations in China. Mr. Takahashi has been reassigned to role as Executive VP in Japan. ********************************************************************************** - Toshiba’s CEO announced a 63% drop in net profit. According to some industry authors, this may result in layoffs this year. ********************************************************************************** - According to Research & Markets Inc., the global document management solutions market will reach $2.4 billion by 2015. ********************************************************************************** - Healthcare GPOs pass audit again. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its latest analysis of the healthcare group purchasing organizations and found: o “found no evidence of anticompetitive GPO behavior” o the GPO model delivers significant annual cost savings to American hospitals, Medicare and Medicaid, and taxpayers ********************************************************************************** - Results of data security survey conducted by Symantec: o 81% increase in malicious attacks o number of vulnerabilities fell by 20% o number of unique malware variants jumped to 403 millioin o number of web attacks increased by 36% ********************************************************************************** - Billentis Research published results of a survey: o 45-65% of all companies supply goods or services to the public sector (government agencies) o electronic invoicing will be up 30% in 2012 o only 18% of invoicing is electronic o globally, only 5% of invoices are sent electronically o 10-15% of invoices require a reminder o 10% of manually entered invoice data contains an error o the average invoice is copied 6 times **********************************************************************************

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